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Theta Healing®

Certified courses


 With Zuzana

Theta Healing® Certified

Basic DNA Course

Your journey to become a practitioner starts here…

I wholeheartedly invite you to explore the world of Theta Healing® tools and techniques. 

This is a 3-day certificated class that will enable you to become confident in using the Theta Healing® technique and help you to identify and effortlessly change the current mindset that may be holding you back. 

You will learn practical tools for personal, intuitive and spiritual development that may significantly enhance your quality of life and equip you to work on yourself and facilitate client sessions. This is an introductory class and a pre-requisite to further education enhancement within Theta Healing Modality.

Are You Ready?

To open up and flourish your intuitive capacities


To Awaken the infinite magical possibilities that lie within you.

To Deepen the Love and connection to yourself and others.

To let go of your past and reclaim your power

Course content includes

Hello Beautiful Soul. Come and join me for 3 days of powerful learning and transformation journey that will give you an opportunity to enhance your skill set.

Your journey to become a Theta Healing®

practitioner starts here…

This class is 80% practical experience of the technique.

Learn how to Open up your Intuition

  • Activate your Intuition and enhance the trust in the way messages come forward for you.
  • Understanding the 5 brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta.
  • Access the theta brain wave and connect to the highest vibration of the divine source energy that exists in all things for healing. 
  • Learn How to communicate with your angels, spirit guides and ancestors.
  • Intuitively scan a human body for subconscious beliefs, patterns and energetic blocks. 
  • See the possible future path for yourself and others
  • gain clarity of your life purpose.


Learn How to reprogram your mindset

  • Identify and instantly change/replace limiting beliefs on core, genetic, history and soul levels to create change in your reality
  • use the basic digging technique to access the root beliefs that are blocking your mindset and learn how to effectively change it.
  • Find the hidden wisdom within your limiting mindset
  • Learn The basis of muscle testing through applied kinesiology to verify the accuracy of your scanning abilities.
  • Let go of old fears, anger, resentment and rejections that may be holding you back energetically. 



Learn How to MANIFEST

  • Understand the role your subconscious mind plays in manifesting 
  • Learn Theta Healing® Manifesting Technique – create what you desire in your life with ease 
  • Learn the ”do” and ”don’t” of the manifesting process.
  • Attract your soulmate, or reignite the spark in your current relationship
  • Create the life that you desire by changing your current mindset


 Additional Learning


  • Heal on the soul level, soul- fragments, vows, oaths, obligations, promises, curses, implants and psychic attacks.
  • Learn how to work with foreign frequencies and how to clear them effectively.
  • Learn how to Release yourself energetically from toxic relationships that no longer serve you
  • Learn how to cleanse your energy and ground yourself.
  • Learn and Receive the 12-strand DNA activation, the youth and vitality activation and much much more 


Next Certified Basic DNA course date

TBA 2024

12:00-6:00 PM BST




Payment plan available

Words of Gratitude

In Students Words

”This course was most probably one of the top courses i ever attended in all matters as i felt super safe, nurtured, taken care of, no signs of competitions, that love was on each end coming to one another which you could feel so much. That space of safety and free expressions, The profesionalism of teacher and the amount of knowledge we got that I am speechless. Full jam packed experience”

Mirka (UK)

Theta Healing® Certified

Advanced DNA Course

continuation of your evolution as a healing practitioner…

Learn Advanced DNA Theta Healing® tools and techniques. 

This class helps deepen your practice of working with the downloads and feeling work. 

It will solidify your confidence as a practitioner and help you establish a more profound connection with the divine essence of all universes.


Class content

I invite you to join me for these 3 days of deepening practice and understanding of the Theta Healing Technique

 Advanced way of belief  and feeling work 

  • Learn how to understand the way to effectively find the belief system connected to emotions
  • Learn and practise a deeper understanding of the digging process
  • Learn the advanced way of conducting belief work
  • Learn how to deepen your intuition to receive the guidance in form of affirmations and downloads.
  • Receive an abundance of downloads that may allow you to experience a more profound and expanded state of being


Learn about the structure of the Universe using a Map of 7 Planes of Existence

  • Explore the plane of ,Minerals and non-organic matter.
  • Explore the plane of Plants and nature
  • Explore the plane of Animals and Human beings.
  • Explore the plane of Ancestors and the spirit world
  • Explore the plane of dualism
  • Explore the plane of the laws of the universe
  • Explore the plane of the vast existence of the energy in all things
  • Learn how to heal and have fun with the 7 planes of existence.


Additional Learning

  • Healing the Broken Soul
  • The Heart song (effectively and easily learn how to release emotions from the body using the vibration of your voice)
  • Clearing and programming the non-organic Material (learn how to program your furniture, your home and your space)
  • Bending time ( learn how to stretch the time so you can have more done throughout the day)
  • Remember your future ( tap into the possible future so you can see ahead of time and change it.
  • Divine Timing (learn what it is and how it works)


Next Certified Advanced DNA course date

TBA 2024

 12:00-6:00 PM BST




Payment plan available

Theta Healing® Certified

Dig deeper Course

Mastery class in discovery of subconscious conditioning and Deep rooted programming for advanced healings.

Learn Dig Deeper  Theta Healing® tools and techniques. 

 Master the discovery  of the root of subconscious patterns and programming.

Learn additional ways of navigating the subconscious mind by applying the appropriate approach using the 10 main ways of Digging.

Become more confident  asking the right questions so you and your clients can heal on a much deeper level using the Theta Healing technique.


Course content includes

Join me for 3 days of powerful learning and mastery of your healing craft learning 8 main ways of digging and discovering the root of subconscious programming

Your journey to Mastery becomes with practice

This class is 90% practical experience of your digging skills.

Digging guidlines

  • Learn the do and don’t of Digging
  • What language to use while digging
  • What questions to ask
  • how to be effective
  • the language of the subconscious mind


Learn how to use following digging approach

  • Fear
  • Resentment
  • Illness – 1
  • Illness – 2
  • Manifestation
  • Genetic
  • History
  • Impossible
  • Virtues
  • Hardships



Learn and Practise Self- Digging

  • Understand how to work  with your own subconscious mind with ease.
  • How to ask questions for effective change.
  • Create the life that you desire by changing your current mindset


 Additional Learning and Practise


  • This seminar is 90% practical experience. You will have the opportunity to practise all digging approaches in the 3 days
  • Normally this seminar is 2 days , I added 1 extra additional day so you can be assured to solidify your digging skills and become confident to start seeing clients in your healing bussness or just uplevel your own self- healing journey.


Next Certified Dig Deeper course date

November 6-8 th 2023

 12:00-6:00 PM BST




Payment plan available

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Payment plan available

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