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In the latest scientific research, it was confirmed that placenta does not act as a separation or a barrier between the mother and the child.
This would mean that any emotional, physical or environmental stress is directly experienced by the baby in the womb since it does not differentiate between the mother and itself.


Addictions are coping mechanisms, that oftentimes have a taxing effect on our health, relationships and overall quality of life. Together we will find and resolve the psychosomatic root cause of this coping mechanism, allowing your body to rebalance and recognize the needs that are being met by the addiction itself. Together we will set you up for success and recover your long lost freedom in Life


Recognizing the patterns and core traumas in life that deeply impacted our sense of self-love and self-acceptance.  We will Explore and help you to resolve the negative emotional charge towards yourself, changing the dynamics of a relationship that you have with yourself. Allowing ourselves to address the emotional root cause of low self-esteem and self-confidence. Together we are reclaiming your Birth Right to Self – Love and Self- Acceptance.

Words of Gratitude

What Clients Say

Womb Healing Edition


I want to thank you again for your time and loving energy you put in the womb healing session the other day. You made me feel comfortable and safe to go through this new process, which allowed me to just let stuff come up unedited and it took me by surprise. Yet, these notions followed me the last days and I could just acknowledge them and think, yeah, that makes sense in how you deep down operate…and then let it go.  Thank you so much for that.

To the effect of the session – amazing. My feeling of overwhelm has dissipated despite a week of unexpected events at work. I feel grounded, safe and nurtured.  I feel comfortable with my boundaries and limits – don’t push myself so hard and give myself permission to get things done the next day. This is so nice and again I am so grateful for time, effort and loving energy.

– Anne (United States)

Womb Healing Edition


Zuzana carried out a womb healing session for me and I have to say it was a truly amazing experience. I realised that while I was in the womb I felt uncomfortable and my skin felt irritated by something my mum ate. I also felt uncomfortable due to lack of space and it felt very tight. Zuzana held space for me and took me through the whole process making sure I felt comfortable throughout. Zuzana has a very calming and pleasant manner that made the womb healing procedure very relaxing and enjoyable. I would recommend working with Zuzana for any of the packages that she has on offer.

– Fiona (United Kingdom)

Pain Resolution Edition


I was extremely blessed to be offered healing from Zuzana regarding a trapped nerve I had in my neck and shoulder which caused me a lot of discomfort during the period of lockdown after spending lots of time sitting at a computer for several hours a day. It was wonderfully deep healing and Zuzana was very supportive, nurturing and thorough in making sure she got to the root cause for this trapped pain. I already started to notice the lessening of the discomfort immediately with much improvement within 24 hours and it gradually completely disbursed over the coming days.

I am very grateful to Zuzana.

– Dee (United Kingdom)

I found Zuzana to be an intuitive and professional practitioner, I thought I had a particular issue, but Zuzana helped me to feel relaxed and calm and to go deeper within myself, and we found out it was a Secondary gain issue, which I would never have thought of, but it was right. We dealt with the emotions and instincts around this.and Zuzana made me feel very supported. I felt neutral after the session. But after 7 days of integration, I felt lighter, and my issue was gone. Thanks, Zuzana you nailed it.”

Sharon (United Kingdom)

“I was experiencing pain on both my shoulders for several months, and it was very hard for me to find a comfortable position to sleep since the pain was very strong. Within only one session with Zuzana, the pain gradually disappeared, and now I can consider myself finally pain-free.
I love how Zuzana guides you through the session. She is patient, she doesn’t rush the process, and through her great intuition helped me to bring awareness on the aspect of myself that I couldn’t see alone.
She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease so that you feel safe to let go and open up in order to come back to physical and spiritual balance.”
Thank you, Zuzana  

Jennifer (Australia)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Zuzana a couple of times. I admire how vigilant and relentless she is in her healing facilitation, helping YOU discover the true root of your issues. This approach exhausts the „story“ you’ve been so used to telling yourself and gets to the raw essence of the problem at hand.

Zuzana creates a safe and appreciative space for her client to open himself/herself up to the healing process and is extremely supportive throughout. I am grateful that she helped me transform my attitude towards physical exercise and ease the pressure I put on myself in regards to my daily routine.

Dianna (Berlin)

Zuzana has helped me to recover from Covid19 which I am very grateful for. She is so much fun to work with and she made the healing so effortless and easy.

She made me remember things I didn’t even know that I am able to recall. She is kind, talented and very intuitive. I would highly recommend her.

Nora (United Kingdom)

Metaphysical Anatomy session

In this session, we will resolve the psycho-somatic root cause of the challenges you are facing in life. It can be physical pain in the body or emotional challenge. We will use gentle, yet very effective technique that works with emotional memory to allow us to access the accurate cause of your problem. This technique was developed and researched by Evette Rose. While using this technique there is absolutely no need to relive any traumatic situation in order to resolve it. We will also address any self-sabotage and hidden benefits that may be preventing us from healing fully. Together we resolve the unconscious association that we have with the past and allow your body to remember how to naturally complete the trauma cycle, which will ultimately allow you to move forward in life.

Are You Ready? Let’s dive in and reharmonize! 



Before the Healing Session

Have you ever felt like life is just not working for you? Did you ever think to yourself that you are destined to live an unfulfilled life? Have you ever experienced one of the following?

  • Experiencing unfulfilled and challenging relationships?

  • Experiencing unexplained pain in Your Body?

  • Experiencing Anxiety and Depression?

  • Emotionally Overreacting to situations in life?  

  • Experiencing Negative Self-talk and coping with addictions?

7 days integration period normally takes place after the healing session to allow the body to catch up with the internal changes.


During 7 day integration period

We finally allowed your body to remember how to naturally complete the trauma cycles that were suppressed and stuck as a result. You may find yourself experiencing the following

  • You may require to take a day off from your regular schedule

  • Your Body may ask for more sleep than usual. Allow it!

  • You may need to introduce new healthy habits that are in coherence with new You.

  • You may experience new moments of awareness and clarity.

  • You may experience the cleansing of emotional Body



 After the Healing session & 7 days Integration period

Remember, results are not guaranteed and everyone will experience it in a different way.

  • You may experience a stronger sense of identity.

  • You may experience emotional neutrality related to the subject we worked on.

  • You may experience subtle differences in the way you see the world.

  • You may experience ease in managing your symptoms 

  • You may experience an enhanced sense of peace within

Together We can…

Teamwork is the most efficient when done in complete cooperation of every member of the Team. I am a Team player and together we can

  • Allow your body to naturally rebalance itself.

  • Remind your body how to naturally complete stuck Trauma cycles

  • Take responsibility for our part in transformation and change 

  • Allow ourselves to be in control of our Emotions and decisions

  • Move from a space of surviving into a space of THRIVING.

 MAT can help you with :


Whether it is food, alcohol, tobacco, sex, drugs or unhealthy and toxic relationships, MAT can help you get to the root cause of your addictive behaviour and help you recover your long lost freedom and reclaim your empowerment.

Abuse, Self Love and Self Confidence

There are many different kinds of abuse. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual, Financial to name a few. MAT can help you release the abuse without the need to re-experience it, and will assist you in changing the relationship that you have with yourself and others, recovering the resourcefulness within.

Emotional management

Are You feeling angry and depressed? Battling with intense fear and anxiety? Being consumed by grief? Having panic attacks? If you can feel it, you can heal it. MAT can help you manage the emotional outbreaks and allow you to return to a non-reactive and a neutral state of being, allowing happiness into your life once again.


Metaphysical anatomy emphasise on psycho-somatic relationship between the body and emotions, focusing on accessing and releasing the original traumatic experience that caused the physical manifestation of ailments to surface. Helping your body to access it’s natural ability to heal itself and returning to a state of balance and harmony. 

Personal Development and Spiritual growth

From fear of change to self-sabotage, you name it. Mat can assist you release deeply rooted blocks that hinder your personal development process and allows you to connect to the natural part of your intuition that help you to return to the space of peace, calmness and harmony.

Womb Healing

Why is womb healing Important?

In the latest scientific research, it was confirmed that placenta does not act as a separation or a barrier between the mother and the child.
This would mean that any emotional, physical or environmental stress is directly experienced by the baby in the womb since it does not differentiate between the mother and itself. Certain ailments can start forming themselves in the developmental stages in the womb and emotional stress that has been experienced by the mother remains locked in the body.


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“The Process of Change requires you becoming conscious of your unconscious self because knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self-empowerment. “

Dr Joe Dispenza

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