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Who Am I?

My name is Zuzana Akshara, and I am a wellbeing guide and healing practitioner specialising in holistic health, intuitive energy work and trauma release. I am a representative for Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and
I help clients from all over the world effectively and easily re-harmonise their bodies into a wholesome state of being.

I have learned to trust the knowledge and wisdom of the body, accessed through the guidance of my intuition and expanded awareness. Using my talents, knowledge, and highly intuitive skills, I remain passionate about helping you to discover how to live a life filled with joy and happiness, free from pain and limitations.
I invite you to connect to and fully step into your true authentic self.
Because what if Being you is actually a unique gift to this world?
I believe we all deserve to be healthy, happy and joyful. Do you love yourself enough to choose it?

Welcome to my page. I hope you are enjoying getting to know me and feeling the possibilities that awaits you in your new life filled with joy and empowerment. 

My Intention

My Intention is to help you free yourself from emotional and physical blockages and empower you with the appropriate tools that will assist you to actualise continuous change in every area of your life. 


 In contemporary societies, where suppression of our own emotions as a way to survive became a norm, the need for integration becomes a necessity.
Through the desire for self-change and integration of myself, I founded Emerge Within to help people educate about the importance of Emotional wellbeing and a psychosomatic relationship between emotions and body. . 

“We cannot create a new future by holding on to the emotions of the past.”

                                                                                                   Dr . Joe Dispenza

We mustn’t strive for perfection but rather for acceptance of our own authenticity.

Emerge Within is part of a movement towards higher consciousness. The path towards integration of our own inner world will affect every aspect of our external reality. 

The passion for change and inner evolution remains the driving force for my work in the world.  

We can change the world by Emerging Within one pattern at the time. 

The journey of Emerge Within

The journey of Emerge Within
My journey into consciousness and alternative health approach started to deepen in 2012 when I began studying yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I became interested in learning more about energy and connection between mind, body and spirit.
Ever since I was a child, I was highly aware of family members’ feelings and often absorbed them in order to help them feel better.
For the vast majority of my life, I suffered from depression, problems with extreme mood swings, emotional outbursts and persistent self-judgments.
I was thirsty for more information about how to manage my symptoms and also release the core traumas, the root cause of my pain and dysfunction.
In the year 2016, an opportunity for deep introspection emerged, and I followed my calling to embark on a journey of self-discovery through attending 49 days of silent, solitary meditation retreat. The solitude and discipline truly helped me to understand the inner workings of the mind and the need for my own integration. This Unique experience of awakening catalysed my journey into Healing and Inner transformation.


As a result, I started learning new healing modalities, including Theta Healing and Access Consciousness, in search of joy, happiness and hope for living life that I knew deep inside me as possible. Both of these modalities equipped me with tools that I use on a daily basis, to facilitate a continuous expansion of my awareness and change in every area of my life.


In the progression of my journey, I was introduced to Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose and instantly fell in love with the technique and its effectiveness. Seeing and experiencing the results of MAT, I started to continuously expand and upgrade my knowledge and skills to become the best I can be in the field of self-help expertise.
“The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.”
The Dalai Lama


In the world where pretence inhibits our society, we must explore our conditioning and integrate the dysfunctional parts of ourselves.


What I Do

One to One sessions

Individual attention focused on the desired area  of  body or life that requires change. Choose from serious of tailored sessions according to your needs..

MAT Courses

Learn an amazing cutting edge Emotional Trauma Release Technique that does not require you to talk about or relive your past.

Using Metaphysical Anatomy

Allowing your body to rebalance and return to the natural state of being using this amazing technique developed by Evette Rose.

Wisdom Within

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. “

                                          Bruce H. Lipton

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